Privacy Policy

Our private policy imposes a legally obligatory duty on its purchaser. UK Kamagra Online internet engages in the internet marketing of the pharmaceutical industry, and all of its terms and conditions, as well as its private insurance policy, are equally liable to its customers for any medication purchase. The constant changes in the marketing environment give us the exclusive ability to amend our private policy or terms and conditions. You are therefore asked to regularly check the website to be informed of any changes.

The Information We Collect

We respect the privacy of our clients and never divulge any information to outside parties. This information comprises the buyer’s I.P. address and computer information to verify the buyer, as well as their name and bank information to finalise the transaction. For a brief period of time, we solely utilise personal information to notify our consumers of special offers or the availability of new medicines.

Cookies are used by UK Kamagra Online to save customer information for quick product delivery. An encrypted payment gateway is available at UK Kamagra Online, and it is safe and secure. Numerous security precautions on our online pharmacy prevent fraud and other forms of online crime. The UK Kamagra Online does not support any criminal activity and is willing to provide information to law enforcement officials.

Anytime, day or night, our customer service representatives will be pleased to assist you. Additionally, live chat is available on the website or in the terms and conditions.

For any query, email us at [email protected].


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